Free Ordering Apps

 for your Website, Mobile devices, Facebook page, and Kiosk. Customers love it, see how it works here.

Save on Third Party Fees

No commission fees, no silly fees, what ever you charge your customer comes back to you.
You never have to wait for your money, it goes directly to your bank.  

Cost Effective 3rd Party Delivery

Why pay 20-30% commission for third party delivery orders when you can share $6.99 delivery fee with your customers and have DoorDash drivers deliver your orders

Coming soon, a food and restaurants directory where you control your information. List and prioritize only the ordering partners you want. Post your searchable daily specials and much more.  

More Customers More Often

eFoodiac facilitates your marketing efforts with Menus, Fliers, Business Cards, Table Tents, QRCode Menus, Banners, eMail Marketing, SMS, Contests, Games, Social Media Marketing, Advertising and anything to entertain and captivate more customers more often.   


Online ordering apps for your website and Facebook a small setup fee you can afford and $59/mo for unlimited orders for the first 5 food places in the area. Let us optimize your Google business account and pay no monthly service fee unless you make over $1,000 in sales for the month.


Free Happens is a community loyalty app. With FreeHappens diners can cash out in all places FreeHappens is accepted. FreeHappens is free, you only pay a small fee after the customer pays. 


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